Are you a programmer and want to participate in the hackathon?
If you do not have a project in mind that you want to develop, here we propose our development challenges.
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Multilanguage CLI

Are you familiar with Artisan? Has it helped you program better and faster?

Can you imagine the productivity you could achieve with a CLI like Artisan that generates code in different languages?

NFT Login

Login with NFT

Create a login system with NFT.

Create a plugin to access WordPress with an NFT. Or to obtain discounts in PrestaShop. Or in another CMS.

Are you up for creating a decentralized CMS whose access is based on NFTs?


NFT Generator

Get creative and build a program that generates NFTs based on a series of layers.

Combine colors, layers, backgrounds... add accessories like glasses or mustaches, and automatically generate NFTs.

Create a package for your favorite framework: Laravel, Django, Flask, Vue... or dare to create a complete application that generates NFTs.

CSS Framework

Yes, there are several CSS frameworks, but is competition really a bad thing?

Create a responsive design framework based on components, a CSS framework for mobile interfaces...

Or a collection of components to create buttons, forms, or other elements quickly and spectacularly.

Blockchain IDE

Can you imagine an RStudio for smart contracts?

Being able to have different panels with code, output, documentation, examples...

And, moreover, being able to use the same environment for Solidity, Vyper, Bitcoin Scripts, and other languages.

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