Are you a programmer and want to participate in the hackathon?
If you do not have a project in mind that you want to develop, here we propose our development challenges.



Mentor Commitments

Mentors commit to:

Provide technical guidance to the participants, helping them solve problems, suggesting alternative solutions, and informing about best practices in software development. They can assist with tool selection, programming languages, software architecture, code optimization, and more.

Review and provide feedback on projects, offering suggestions to improve design, functionality, usability, and technical feasibility of the projects.

Resolve technical or conceptual issues. They can provide ideas, alternative solutions, and additional resources to tackle challenges.

Inspire and motivate by sharing their experiences, success stories, and advice.

Benefits of


Mentor Benefits

Expand their network by getting to know the participants, mentors, organizers, and sponsors of the hackathon.

Develop projects. All developers have projects in mind that they want to work on but struggle to find the time, motivation, or team to develop them. Presenting them at the hackathon is an opportunity to bring them to life.

Share knowledge. There's nothing that motivates hackers more than sharing their knowledge with others.

Participate in the achievements accomplished by the hackathon participants.

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