Are you a programmer and want to participate in the hackathon?
If you do not have a project in mind that you want to develop, here we propose our development challenges.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

* Subchapter 2.1

* Subchapter 2.2

Chapter 3


Collaborative Books

Write documentation with other participants and create books together.

Define an index and structure, and each participant writes about the topics they know best or feel most comfortable with.

Release it under copyleft to help the community.

For Loop in Solidity

CSS Buttons

Dunder Methods in Python

Spaceship Operator in PHP

Types of Functions in JavaScript

Ether Package in R

Document Software

Explain to the community how to use a statement, command, function, package, or any other functionality of your favorite programming languages.

You can write new documentation or translate existing one (as long as it's open source). And share your examples.

In the hackathon, you'll have the opportunity to meet other software documenters and collaborate with them.

How to display Ethereum data using JavaScript

How to document in Python

Test your smart contracts without spending gas

100 Python tricks

Which languages allow smart contract programming?

Combine layers and create NFTs with ImageMagick

The learning path for blockchain developers

Write Articles

Have you solved a problem, improved a skill, or found a solution?

Explain to the community how you achieved it.

Your knowledge can be very helpful to others.

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