How many times have you had to explain what Bitcoin and blockchain are?
If you are tired of explaining over and over again the differences between currency and money, what Bitcoin is, or that blockchain has infinite uses beyond cryptocurrencies, explain it once again, publish it, and save effort by spreading your link.
Money and Currency

Write articles explaining the problems of central banks and what decentralized finance is.

Explain the history of money and the origins of Bitcoin.

Clarify doubts about CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and their dangers.

Take a stance and engage in controversies with other writers, are you a full-reserve advocate or a supporter of fractional reserve?



Humanity has developed for a much longer time with polycentric legal systems based on natural law and tradition than with positive law.

With sound money provided by a multitude of institutions.

With decentralized private systems for education, charity, social provision, and healthcare.

Explain the historical and conceptual framework on which decentralization is based.

Blockchain Applications

What use cases do you know of for blockchain technologies?

Are there any success stories you are aware of?

Can you think of new possibilities for blockchain technologies where they are not currently being used?

Not Just Blockchain

Write about how the Internet and technology help citizens in their daily lives to share information, read documentation and books...

Describe how they help businesses find the most skilled professionals and compete in a global market.

Because decentralized applications are not the only ones that contribute to individual freedom.

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